No project will be executed until a safe plan is in place.

Magna Fab Values Safety Before Everything Else

No project will be executed until a safe plan is in place.

At Magna Fab safety is at the forefront in every decision we make. Our first priority in every task, every day on every project is to ensure Magna Fab employees go home to their family’s injury free.

Every year our safety goals include 0 recordables, improved EMR & incident rates.

We achieve this by:

  • Prioritize: Priorities at Magna Fab are #1 Safety #2 Our People #3 Quality
  • Empowerment: All Magna Fab employees are authorized to identify safety risk and unsafe work practices. Every employee at Magna Fab has the authority to stop their own work or the work of others if they see unsafe work practices.
  • Training: All Magna Fab personnel are safety trained before working in the shop. Monthly safety training is mandatory at Magna Fab to reduce the risk of injury to our staff.
  • Planning: Every day starts by actively participating in a Job Hazard Analysis or “JHA”. It has been proven that thinking through the steps of your task and identifying possible safety hazards result in fewer incidents and recordables. During our project planning process Magna Fab management & executives review and assess every project to determine any special safety consideration.
  • Assessment: On the rare occasions we have an incident, near miss or recordable at Magna Fab our Safety Director may stop work, perform a thorough investigation and determine the cause of incident. The Safety Director will review their findings and corrective action with the fabrication personnel and ensure they understand what steps can be taken to eliminate or reduce this hazard in the future.
Magna Fabrication Risk Management
Magna Fabrication Hiearchy of Controls

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Magna Fab provides fabrication services to engineering firms, general contractors, original equipment manufacturers, industrial and oil and gas plants across the United States. We strive daily to distinguish ourselves as one of the premier fabrication firms for piping, skid packages, structural steel, and general fabrication in the nation.